Photo Credit: Jay Loden

Photo Credit: Jay Loden


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If you had told me when I was a kid that I would be capturing people's beloved family member pets using my art, I would have laughed. Or run the other way at least.

When I was around seven years old, a neighborhood friend encouraged me to pet a dog that was loose on our street. She was under the impression that this dog belonged to a fellow neighbor. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a stray, who when feeling threatened, chomped down his teeth on my little seven year old hand. I was terrified. I can still remember the sting of the bite. I had to get several stitches, that resulted in scars still visible today. So, needless to say, I became extremely afraid of dogs.

Thankfully, years later, my family adopted a scrappy little Border Collie mixed breed, named Barney. He was insane. He loved to howl while I played guitar, jumped in the air constantly, and wedged himself between me and some girlfriends through the years. He had wiggled his way into my heart. My fears quickly faded away. In its place grew a love for "man’s best friend".

Today, I have two dogs of my own, Biscuit (a Golden mix) and Cooper (a Chihuahua mix). They are forever by my side (Even as I write this).

If you’re anything like me, your camera roll on your phone is filled with photos of your pet. When they make “that” face. When they pose for you almost knowing you’ll be posting their photo to social media immediately. We try to capture their personality and essence. Because we love them, and want others to love them too. We want them to see what we see!

But we never print those photos do we? We post them to social media where they get buried in the stream of activity. We might have intentions to print our pets photo, but even i we do, the likelihood of us actually hanging that photo on display are pretty slim. Can you relate?

That’s why I love creating pet portraits. It’s making a decision to value your pet with art. Art that you proudly display in your home or office. Art that capture that certain something about your pet - that thing you love. That thing you always talk about with others.

I get it. I’m one of you- a pet lover. Whether it’s creating art for a current pet or one that has passed on, I love to partner with owners like you to create a special work of art that you can be proud to display and share with others!

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